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Unique Strength

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Owner and creator of Unique Strength. Unique's greatest passion is bringing people together through group fitness. Beginning her fitness career with teaching Indoor Cycling, Unique discovered her love for helping people grow and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since then she has recognized a healthy lifestyle calls for a balance between strength & cardio training. Unique attained her Personal Training certification in 2018 and began developing her own Muscle and Hustle training program. Fast forward, Unique Strength is born!

Unique aims to inspire the community through accountability, hard work and confidence. Put some swag behind the things you do, after-all it's a reflection of who you are.

One on One

Unique offers private One on One Training.

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Outside of playing a number of sports as an adolescent, Kristina has been involved in the Arizona fitness community for a decade. She began strength training and conditioning in her early twenties as a stress reliever and once she saw the benefits both physically and mentally, she was hooked on sweating at least once a day. Fast forward ten years and the sweat life has become a full-time gig, primarily through Indoor Cycling.

While she loves and continue to teach Indoor Cycling, there is only so much following one regiment of training can do for you. Incorporating  strength training into her weekly routine, not only brings her physical strength but carries over into other aspects of day to day activities.

Kristina's ultimate goal is to have you walk away feeling like a complete powerhouse with the full belief that you can always take your fitness to the next level. All while having fun in the process!

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                     Muscle @ 5:45p

                      Muscle @  6:45p


                      Muscle @ 5a

                                              Hustle Express @ 6:15a


                      Muscle @ 5a

                                              Hustle Express @ 6:15a

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                     Hustle @ 4:30p



                      Hustle @ 4:30p

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